Best Plasma Lighters for Bowls- Top picks & Buying guide

Best Plasma Lighters: Classic lighters are old things now even though everyone still loves to use them. They surely were cool and always will be cool due to the mechanism they worked with but everything gets surpassed with the new technology. Classic lighters were heavy and sometimes even big in size and often ran out of fuel that was not refillable. It was a great issue with an old lighter that they had limited life but it’s not the same now. There are a lot of issues with old lighters if you look at it as compared to the plasma lighters.

plasma lighters for bowls

Old lighters seem to be less effective and harmful to the environment as things running on fuel are. For that, we have already sent the substitute for old lighters with plasma lighters. Plasma lighters work on electricity and don’t need liquid fuel to light the flames.  The flames of these lighters are much stable and powerful if compared to normal flames of lighter. These are the Lighters that works against the wind and go on as long as you charge them without any fluid or fuel. But there are too many options outside. Here is a list of best plasma lighters for you to pick from. Here is a list of 4 plasma lighters reviews.

Best Plasma Lighters for Bowls List:

Saberlight Sparq

Saberlight Sparq is one of the best plasma lighters that you can get out there. The lighter is much better than the average lighters with the looks and functions that can’t be beaten. It has a great design and compact size making a good lighter to keep with. It is safe and secure to use and you don’t have to worry about the flames as it has flameless heating with the electric beams. It can be charged normally like other electronic devices and used over after discharging. The USB cable to charge it comes along with it and the lighter works weeks depending on usage after a full charge.

This lighter make up to all the requirements of a lighter that can fit in the outdoor and indoor uses. All the features of the lighter are cool and it is worth trying once if you are looking for a good lighter.

Tesla coil

Tesla coil is another one if the great lighter from one of the greatest bands of all time. Tesla has made the lighter with advanced tech and efficient ways. The electric lighter is flameless and can be used for different purposes that classical lighters were used to do. It is rechargeable and you can use it again and again as long as you charge it. Tesla coil lighter comes along with the USB charging cable of it. It works fine even in the outdoors with the windproof flames that don’t disappoint. It comes with the great exterior as well as shapes and designs for you making a perfect combination in a lighter.

The Tesla brand itself is enough to give a good idea of the reliability of this product and the effectiveness of the technology. It is premium with the outer looks as well and you can use it to brag as well sometimes. The compact lighter with powerful light is a good option for the bowls.

Novelty Wares Dual Arc plasma beam lighter

Novelty Wares Dual arc plasma beam lighter is different from the single arc lighters and is much more powerful than them. The design of this lighter is great and simple at the same time with different colors and designs. The powerful dual arc can possibly do anything for you that you need to do with a lighter and it won’t fail you. These are durable and long lasting with the recharging feature. You can use it by charging it when it runs out of power and this makes it a long lasting lighter. It is good for pocket and compact yet very useful lighter that works fine for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter

This one is a single arc lighter that seems to be less powerful as compared to dual arc lighters but this one serves the purpose. The lighter itself is good with the looks and designs along with its durability. It is also rechargeable and with just a single charge it can be lit for around 300 times or used for a week. This lighter might not work good on the thicker objects like a cigar but will be fine for cigs. The Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam lighter is still one of the best options for Bowls and you can try them out while you are at it.